Sharon and her husband from Calderdale realised during lockdown how much they had been smoking and decided to make a change.

I orginally wanted to stop smoking for health reasons, I realised I was out of breath all the time and my asthma had got much worse. I was shocked when the lockdown started at how much I was actually smoking and decided it was the best time for me to try stopping again because the last time I quit I knew that my asthma was nowhere near as bad.

I didn't think I could achieve 4 weeks smokefree but I was willing to give it a try. 

I used Champix to help me quit, it was absolutely marvellous, amazing really, I was so sceptical before I took it thinking 'come on then Champix, let's have ya' and see what you're all about'! Let me tell you, try it because nothing else has worked for me!   

Lindsey my advisor has really helped me to quit and stay smokefree, she calls every Friday morning and checks in with both me and my husband making sure we okay with the medication and if we have any problems with stopping smoking. I still look forward to our appointment as it helps keep my husband on the straight and narrow! I feel like a non-smoker, he still struggles a little with the title non-smoker, but has stayed stopped, he just needs a bit more time to get his head round it - he will get there.   

I've noticed that my health has improved since I quit, I live in a flat and before I quit I always used the lift, but now I can walk down the steps and only use the lift for coming up, I suffer with mobility issues but I have found my mobility easier, also breathing is better and the coughing has almost disappeared.

Since I quit I can walk for short bursts in the flat, I could never do that before. I have saved money by not smoking so I guess that is an achievement too!

The current lockdown has definitely helped with quitting, the lockdown was what made me realise how much I was smoking. It has helped as well because my husband quit at the same time. By not being able to go out I couldn't cheat and buy any. We made sure everyone knew we were having a go at stopping so one would have bought us any even if we had asked!

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