The trouble was, I just had the one

And I thought I would be alright

But one lead to another

And the slippery slope was in sight


Down hill I went, but then I got a call

I learned from my slip up

Now there`s hope after all


I forgave myself and got back on track

Now I`ve quit again, there`s no going back


Armed with support and my patches and gum

I`m saving more money and had my hair done!

New tops and jeans for me, wow what a treat

And I know I`ve earned it, stopping smoking`s no small feat!


When out shopping with my sister she`ll say

Patricia, please slow down

I`m super fast at walking now

And whizz around the town


I bought myself some sketchers, there just no stopping me

I am proud of myself, and so is my family! 

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