Marcela had a mammogram and was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2022. After trying to quit smoking unaided, her family DR and the Oncologist gave her details of our clinic.

In February this year, she decided to go to town and seek out the Stop Smoking Shop. Marcela came to us and made an appointment.

Marcela has done brilliantly all the way through, except for the first week, when she had 3 cigarettes. However, her CO readings have been on 1, verifying her quit. Marcela had face-to-face appointments, she says she feels so much better in health and so clean inside, she can breathe.

When she sees other people smoking she wants to say "noo don’t smoke". The client issued a 4-week certificate a couple of weeks since, she is so proud she has put it on Facebook to inspire other people to Quit Smoking.

Marcela says she will never go back to smoking, after nearly 40 years of being a smoker. There is a cleaner life, after stopping smoking.

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