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Start off by recognising when and why you smoke, I was smoking due to habit and boredom, got up had a coffee had a cigarette because it is what I always do. I found changing my routine helped for me, drank tea instead of coffee, I also used a vape occasionally aswell as using the patches given to me by the advisor at the service, as this also helped me when the cravings crept up on me. I stopped doing the things what I knew were a trigger. I eventually started going longer without thinking about smoking or using my vape. Do it for you no one else.

I live with a smoker and some days I could have murdered for a cigarette but I didn’t want to let myself of my stop smoking advisor down. To have someone who believes in you is priceless.

Advantages of no longer smoking is the constant barking cough I had is gone, I can now breath and barely use my asthma spray now. I feel better about myself and eating healthier aswell and my nails now I no longer smoke are magnificent !
My tip would be to start with cutting out the first cigarette of the day, use nicotine replacement, vape if you need too, then cut the second cigarette of the day and so on, this worked for me.

Now after 7 weeks of being smoke free and wearing the patches I don’t even reach for the vape very often.