Gonna Gav

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Gavin is a recovering Alcoholic, who had quit for 120 days when he Quit smoking. His friends call him Gonna Gazz, as he says he was always going to Quit and never got around to it.

Motivated by health problems, breathing and also not being able to afford cigarettes. Anger and lack of nicotine made the client use a vape, which helped immensely. I would encourage people not to smoke for health reasons. The addiction to nicotine was hard and insanity really. Having to go outside to smoke when it was raining and I didn’t want to be in the rain, though had to be.

I quit smoking previously with patches. The patches really took away the cravings. My brother went to hospital for surgery. I thought he was going to die , so I started smoking again. The stress of that was overwhelming.

In November I had surgery myself and was offered by the hospital to quit again. I knew it was achievable with you guys. I used patches/ mouthspray, that’s why I started on the vape. You told me about the cigs having over 4000 chemicals, so I decided to use a vape, the mouthspray was vile. The vape gave me the extra Nicotine boost I needed. There was a time I was at the shops with my daughter I was going to get some cigarettes, she said no, you don’t need them and told me to get mints instead, which I did. Originally in September last year I went on client zone, however not this time. I am so busy. I attend AA and am doing lots of things there.

I am now conscious of trying to go out for more walks, being disabled It’s not easy I accessed the service by telephone, as it’s doable for me due to my disability.

Thank you for all the support. I am having support to stop using my vape too.