After my first week of accessing service with product, I was unable to establish a full or even half a day without a cigarette.

After speaking with my advisor on the following Friday I have been able to establish my quit and have now been smoke free since Saturday the 24th April.

I had decided not to dispose of the remaining tobacco I had left in the house, and it was this reason why I wasn’t able to go half a day without a cigarette.

Friday, I removed the remaining tobacco and managed to go a full day with only my nicotine inhalator.

It was agreed on the Friday that I might need additional nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to support me with establishing the quit and I was given a voucher for both inhalators and mini lozenges.

Saturday, I knew I should go and collect the additional product and see if it would take the edge of my cravings but I also knew going to a supermarket or shop feeling the way I did I would leave with both product and a packet of 20 cigarettes. I stayed away from shops all weekend and come Monday felt more in control and have managed to maintain my quit all week without additional support than my nicotine inhalator that at first, I thought wasn’t helping.

I knew myself that NRT wasn’t enough, even if I had collected both products I would have still felt the urge to pick up a packet of cigarettes, but I’ve managed and now feel in control and ready to see the program out.

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