Yorkshire Smokefree Wakefield Donna is raising money for PHAB

Published at 09 November, 2018.

Yorkshire Smokefree Wakefield Donna is raising money for PHAB

Donna Byrne, a stop smoking advisor at Yorkshire Smokefree Wakefield, is running the London Marathon in 2019 to help raise funds and awareness for the charity organisation - PHAB (www.phab.org.uk). 

PHAB helps children and adults with learning disabilities by breaking down community barriers, reducing social isolation and creating opportunities for disabled people to enjoy the same activities and challenges as, and alongside, those without a disability. 

Donna is training hard to run the London Marathon in April 2019 and her positive attitude is wonderful to be around. 

This is Donnas story in her own words:

“Despite being a little crazy and loving a challenge I feel quite passionate about how running or any form of exercise can help with low mood or any kind of mental health illness. I am happy to share that this is one of the main reasons I took up the “running bug” and love to help and inspire others. Twice weekly I contribute to leading a small running group and love to see people be inspired by how what they thought was the impossible become the possible. I have spoken to some of the service users at Phab and one man explained to me that getting involved and been able to enjoy activities helps so much with his anxiety, which he says has developed since his disability. This gentleman used to be in the Army and is now confined to a wheelchair, and he now sees the charity Phab as a life line. He is just one out of many that because of their disability and barriers can at times face challenges which leave them with feelings of low mood and low self-esteem. Phab helps elevate this by breaking down those barriers."

We are so proud of you Donna and we can't wait to be cheering you on.

If you'd like to help Donna by donating, please visit her donation page: 



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