Yorkshire Smokefree visit Pinderfields Hospital

Yorkshire Smokefree visit Pinderfields Hospital

Our Wakefield team have been keeping busy!

Over the last few months adviser Pat has been organising regular promotions within Pinderfields Hospital so that patients are aware how Yorkshire Smokefree can help them cut the habit.

We’re really pleased with the progress the team has had recently at the Hospital. Three people from Wakefield Smokefree have been regularly visiting so that patients of smoking related illness are becoming more and more aware of the help they can get from us if they’ve decided they’d like to quit for good.

Thanks to all their hard work the team have a big presence and are always welcomed at Pinderfields! The amount of people they’ve helped stop has been ever increasing and we’d like to give the team a shout out for the positive impact they are making.

“It’s a great place to work and it feels like we’re really making a difference to people’s lives at the acute end of smoking related illness”

Well done to the Wakefield team!

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