Maxine celebrates one year smoke free!

Maxine celebrates one year smoke free!

Maxine started smoking over 40 years ago… However, in 2015 she is now proud to say she is one full year smoke-free! Wonderful work, Maxine.

The quitter had regular sessions with Yorkshire Smokefree after the health and safety department at her work announced that they would be hosting smoke-free sessions for all employees. At this point Maxine had been thinking about cutting out her habit for a few months, so she decided to sign up.

She didn’t expect how quickly action would take place.

A couple of weeks after registering for the sessions, Maxine found herself in her first ever stop smoking session with her adviser Helen. Maxine was quite reluctant to start her quit at first and meeting Helen seemed like a daunting prospect.

She told us afterwards that “the thought of not having a cigarette was worse than not having one.”

Maxine’s adviser talked her through the possible NRT available to her and together they decided that an inhalator would be the best fit for Maxine’s lifestyle as she was able to keep her hands busy whenever cravings hit.

Due to Maxine’s worries about quitting for the first few days she used the inhalator sporadically, replacing the odd cigarette with the product. She told Helen that she didn’t feel like it was helping her get anywhere so her adviser came up with a solution.

Maxine set her quit date a few weeks before No Smoking Day 2014. Her personal quit date motivated her to make the change on that day, and doing this beforehand meant that she was fully prepared. It was still a challenge for her to think she would not be having a cigarette again, but Maxine proved to everyone that she has strong willpower!

The inhalator worked much better for the quitter once she had cut out cigarettes for good. She found that it took ‘the edge off’ when hit by a tobacco craving.

It only took a couple of weeks before Maxine felt she didn’t need the use of the NRT, and had the confidence to manage her quit cold turkey.

Since then a year has flown by and Maxine hasn’t touched a cigarette since her quit date.

The quitter feels that her adviser had a huge impact on her quit. The encouragement Helen gave her made all the difference in supporting her to turn the idea of quitting into a reality.

She tells us: “I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to use the Smokefree service as it really does help.”

She is incredibly pleased with her progress and has said the money she has saved has made a huge impact on her life. She has been able to cut down her working hours so she now works 4 days a week instead of 5!

We asked her what changes have happened in the past year and her outlook was extremely honest. She feels that she has put a bit of weight on but this isn’t something she is worried about. Instead she has gained something much better - a positive frame of mind and confidence in herself. Maxine knows that if she can quit smoking, she can do anything.

We think you can too, Maxine! Congratulations on your smoke-free anniversary.

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