Health Screening Awareness Day at Homestead Surgery

Health Screening Awareness Day at Homestead Surgery

Our stop smoking advisors are active within the local community and often attend events to promote the service and reach out to people who may not be aware of the service and what we can offer. 

Recently our Wakefield Stop Smoking Advisor Donna was invited to attend a screening event at Homestead GP Practice Wakefield. Homestead is a new clinic within Alverthorpe and both patients and the GP practice are happy to have us on-board. At this event the practice offered cancer screening; cervical screening, bowel screening and breast screening. Patients attended this drop in event with no appointments required.

It proved to be an extremely popular event and many of the patients that attended did smoke and were very keen to know there CO reading. Donna was delighted that seven of the patients she spoke to signed up to the service to help them quit smoking.

Donna offered COPD screening and everyone participated in taking a Carbon monoxide reading to see the impact smoking was having on their body.

There's a new clinic every Monday appointments between 9am and 1pm. If you would like to attend please phone 01977 465449 to arrange an appointment with Donna.

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