Featherstone Library's Allotment Session

Featherstone Library's Allotment Session

Our stop smoking service offers so much more than just giving up the cigs. It's valuable advice for life, it supports when you need it most, it's gaining new friends and being part of a fantastic community, all in the same boat as you!


Six members from the session for stop smoking at Featherstone Library attended group member, Maggie's allotment after discussing healthy eating and lifestyle. Maggie provided eggs fresh from her hens that morning and gave them all tips on poaching eggs to absolute perfection!

Maggie looks after the allotment on her own as it is her retreat and calm space; she says even in winter, sat outside with a bowl of homemade soup is a dream.

The session was considered so much of a success that they are holding another in September and they cannot wait to see what is in store. Maggie has a very busy home life, including home schooling her son and helping with other commitments; therefore her sessions are a brilliant way to feeling part of the commuity and being supported whilst ditching the cigs.

At Yorkshire Smokefree, we love for our members to feel involved and we're delighted to say Maggie and another member of our stop smoking session have offered to support our focus group on iproving our service starting with afternoon tea starting in October, right in time for STOPTOBER! 

We went to one of our member's allotments for our session after discussing healthy eating and healthy lifestyles! 

If you're looking for more out of your stop smoking journey, take a look at our services, support options and group sessions from Yorkshire Smokefree. We absolutely strive for all of our members to feel supported which is why our service is proven that you are five times more likely to give up the cigs for good! 




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