Featherstone Academy says 'no' to smoking

Featherstone Academy says 'no' to smoking

Our Wakefield Smokefree team has partnered up with Featherstone Academy to offer a stop smoking group for the students at the school.

The sessions began a couple of weeks ago and so far 15 students have joined wanting more information on the health risks of smoking and how they can quit.

So far our expert adviser Pippa has been taking the lead in the sessions! Yorkshire Smokefree have been advising the students on the health consequences of smoking, nicotine replacement products and preparation for quitting.

Now that they have become fully prepared on what to expect when they quit, the students set their quit date last week and are now at the first stages of cutting out the habit for good.

We will be continuing to help them overcome the addiction in the upcoming weeks with regular group discussion sessions, where they have the opportunity to ask any questions about difficulties they have found.

Fantastic work from our Wakefield team!

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